CBS Green Business Club

CBS Green Business Club

Our Mission

The Green Business Club (GBC) engages CBS students, faculty, the greater Columbia community, and business leaders across industries on the intersection of business and climate/sustainability.

The climate crisis is one of the most important challenges and opportunities that we will face in our lifetime. We believe that business organizations will play a vital role in addressing this. The GBC aims to educate our members on emerging triple-bottom-line business issues and prepare them for careers related to climate change and sustainability by connecting them with employers, career resources, and industry/alumni contacts. At the same time, we advocate and model sustainable practices in our own CBS community.

Our History

The Green Business Club was founded in March 2008 by three members of the Columbia Business School class of 2009: Kate Grossman, Chris Baker, and Joe Chmielewski. Their intent was to facilitate students’ career aspirations and create awareness around sustainability issues in the Columbia Business School community. Since its inception, the Club has grown in scope and in scale, with a membership of over 200 students and a steady stream of events and career resources.

2023-2024 Executive Board

Co-Presidents: Chris Scanzoni, Claudia Richardson

Careers: Mike Shuster (Education), Daniel Ioselevich (Alumni), Tom Cerenov (Corporate Relations), Hannah Gropper (Mentorship), Daniel Bowman (J-Term)

Community: Laura Correa, Patrick Lin, Mandy Mueller

Treks: Caroline Kopf Marketing: Celia Hauw Finance: Andrew Fradin

Previous Club Presidents

2022 – 2023: Andrew Feierman & Thomas Sadik-Khan

2021 – 2022: Travis Leiter & Celena Peng

2020 – 2021: George Liu & Sam Cui

2019 – 2020: Sam Malin & Matt Guevara

2018 – 2019: Colette Soloff & Vincent Su

2017 – 2018: Eric Guo & Laurene Aigrain

2016 – 2017: Grant van Wyngaarden & Edie Constable

2015 – 2016: Lindsay Delevingne & Jill Bunting

2014 – 2015: Devraj Banerjee & Olga Pishchevs

2013 – 2014: Natasha Bray & Hooman Mehranvar