The Board

2017-2018 GBC Board


Eric Guo                                      Laurene Aigrain








VP: Simon Royaux, David Wei (not pictured), Matt Ale (not pictured), AVP: Agathe Roncey (not pictured)








AVP: Lexi Milstein (not pictured), Ananya Srikanth (not pictured)



Internal Community
Co-VPs: Philipp Humm ,Yen Le and Collete Soloff (not pictured)








VP: Jonathan Yan    AVP: Vincent Su (not pictured)








Co-VPs: Jonathan Cohen  and Matt Rosen AVP’s: Diana McKeage (not pictured) and Santiago Malteni (not pictured)








External Community
VP: Jenna Scalmanini and Matt Ale (not pictured)








Energy Symposium
Co-VPs: Jenna Stauffer ,Sheldon Cheng (not pictured) and Chris Picerni (not pictured)








Previous Board Leaders

2016-2017 GBC Co-Presidents – Edie Constable and Grant van Wyngaarden
2015-2016 GBC Co-Presidents – Lindsay Delevingne and Jill Bunting
2014-2015 GBC Co-Presidents -Devraj Banerjee and Olga Pishchevs

2013-2014 GBC Co-Presidents – Natasha Bray and Hooman Mehranvar